Double XP In The Multi of COD: Black Ops II

black M AAs Treyarch confirmed a few hours ago, during all this weekend it will be possible to enjoy a special event in the multiplayer in Call of Duty: Black Ops II which will allow users get double the normal experience, which will enable a faster rise in rank and, of course, greater rewards. This special double experience event will be available on all platforms, i.e., PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. The latest installment of the Call of Duty series has become a success thanks to its competitive multiplayer, and also, his Zombies mode, which this week released map on Xbox 360 for all those who have Season Pass title.

black M BNow that they approach Christmas, multiplayer Black Ops II will begin to grow as the foam and surely becomes one of the most demanded by users during the holiday period. Treyarch has introduced a series of new products, as well as it has maintained a number of common features that fans of the series may continue to enjoy the multiplayer a year more.  According to Activision recently confirmed, is now available for download the map Nuketown Zombie for all Xbox 360 users who have the season pass Call of Duty: Black OPs II. For the moment, PC and PS3 users will have to wait given the temporary exclusivity which enjoy the extra content on the Microsoft console.

Nuketown Zombie AWith the pass of the season developed by Treyarch, the users will have access to four packs of different maps or DLC that will appear in the market first then on PC and PS3 and Xbox 360. In regards to Nuketown Zombie, this pack already was available pair those who bought the Hardened Edition of the game.


Nuketown Zombie B

Nuketown Zombie C

Black Ops II, as it has become customary in recent years, has become the biggest success of the year at the level of sales. Criticisms have also been positive for the most part and users enjoy one of the modes, multiplayer better valued, especially on Xbox LIVE.

It ends with all the enemies until they tell you that it is all clear. At that time, Mason will be abseiling up to down. Happening shattered bus you can find early intelligence data. It now reaches to the MRAP vehicles and kills of any enemy. Driving down the street and runs over enemies.

clawWhen the truck crash takes the RPG and ends with the three CLAW. If Harper is still alive he will dispose of safe first. Inside the truck, on the side of the first one, the first access allowing to control own drones is located. It ends with rockets with the second CLAW that is situated near the wrecked bus and enters the hotel on the left. The first intelligence data are to the left of the reception of the hotel. Finished with reinforcements enemies that will soon arrive, and salt. The last and third CLAW will be left.

missiles termoguiadoAfter killing them you’ll see that the square of the Center there are more enemies. To the right of the entrance of the square there is another access. Open the lid and Allied soldiers will throw you a cable. Enter the Mall and make you way up to the second floor. There will be another access point. He pirated the controls and go up to the roof to place the Stinger. You’ll see how come some drones that you can shoot down with missiles termoguiados.

There are plenty of challenge in the video game that will give you more fun as you play all you need  is to acquire to game for free or you can get your hack and have fun together with other gamers playing the mutiplayer mode. Click here to enjoy more about the game even in difficult levels.


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