Xbox Live Code – How Gamers Take Advantage of it

cool 103These Microsoft Points also extend to the Windows Live Gallery and also Zune online stores. This points system enables users to buy extra game content or other downloadable products available within the online marketplace without having the use of a credit card. Although some downloads including full versions of games and downloadable content cost Microsoft Points, some games available on the Xbox Live Marketplace are actually free.


Microsoft Points are actually used to purchase games, game expansions, Gamertag modification options, and also other downloadable content. Users might also have the ability to purchase videos and also television episodes from the Marketplace, and also are usable throughout some other services with use Microsoft points including the Zune marketplace, exactly where one might have the opportunity to download music and videos.

demand 103The Microsoft Points are actually available in the form of pre-paid cards, and are sold at retail and also convenience stores. Microsoft Points cards contain a code made use of to retrieve numerous yet fixed denominations of Microsoft Points depending upon the price paid and country or even region the gamer resides in. These cards can just be used only once and also may expire otherwise used after a restored amount of time. Microsoft Points cards are only redeemable in the region they are sold in.


These different accounts offer Xbox 360 users access to different features at different price levels depending on the kind of membership. The freebie Silver subscription enables basic online functionality possible, from creating a unique gamer ID and profile on the Xbox Live network. You are actually also able to create and also maintain a list of friends and buddies you meet online. You are actually also given access to the Xbox Live Marketplace to be able to download demos, games, and customization options for your Gamertag. This Silver membership performs not, however, sustain online fees when it comes to some games requiring such.


When it comes to Gold membership it consists of all the extra of Silver membership and also provides the user the ability to play online with other Xbox Live Gold members. Gold members are actually also given access to special Xbox Live Marketplace Content. However, Gold membership comes at prices ranging from $8.99 for a month’s membership with up to $39.99 for a year, but price cuts and chances could be found on different third party sites.


Xbox Live Gold Membership could be purchased with a credit card or through subscription cards and the other thing would be the Microsoft Points available from Xbox Live Codes site. Subscription and Microsoft Points cards include redeemable codes which the user inputs to Xbox Live screens.