Review on Call of Duty Video Game

call 101We are greatly fascinated with the PlayStation video games and Xbox. There are lots of video games like call of duty Black cops, Gears of war, Batman Asylum etc. The new game Modern warfare 3 is anticipating that the game will break the record of selling. All of the fanatics of the game provide the review that the video game will be on the top game of the year on Xbox and PSN. The last game of call of duty was Black cops. The story line starts of the game from 1960 and the Acton place was Russia, Hong Kong, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Vietnam etc. in this video game you will discover various mode of play like multiplayer mode, internet, LAN and survival mode.

There are various kinds of weapons like machine guns, handguns and other explosives. In call of duty Modern Warfare 3 will probably bring a new change and more action and a lot more revolution in the last of year. It is anticipating that the video game could be more appealing than the black cops. The story line of the game begins from the Middle East. The action will require place in India, Paris, Dubai, and Manhattan. The video game modes are offered also like the black cops. You will discover multiplayer, LAN play, online play and even like back cops you can get zombie survival mode. The weapons are more enticing and powerful than ever before. You will get 40 various weapons which are being utilized nowadays. There is a new feature which enables you to unlock new equipment and new attachments, enhance your proficiency in weapons. You will definitely get total satisfaction playing the video game. In this video game you will discover four characters like delta force.

call 102The story line and video game starts from the end of the video game Modern Warfare 2. In the game you will discover 15 missions. You and your friends will discover amusement playing multiplayer mode. The rank alternative has been added for improving gear. Ranking is very important to unlock new part or equipment of the game next level. There are far more challenges and deals in which you can raise your rank. The training mode is also thrilling and ideal for the new comers. For the skilled gamers this is not important. The video game play choices and other shortcut are as like as the previous alternatives. The multiplayer mode in the game offers everybody a game in which a person will get reward of various play style. Certain variations have been carried out to this video game for the game play. The video game is not launched yet. It is anticipating that the Modern warfare 3 release date will be November, 2011. We need to wait up to that time to acquire another unbelievable and fascinating one.